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The K&D-Sessions



NEWS  The Album "The K&D Sessions" (2 cd, 3 vinyl) is here!
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Remix for Madonna just finished. It's really special, Richard says...

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The acid jazz of Kruder & Dorfmeister - with its sinewy bass lines, cool grooves and warm sensuality - is the opposite of the country's pristine stereotype. The highly respected DJ/producer/remix team - might be single-handedly changing perceptions, at least among the dancefloor underground. Peter Kruder, 28, and Richard Dorfmeister, 27, have worked with or done remixes for the likes of William Orbit, United Future Organization, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and Bomb the Bass, among others. As is the case with England's celebrated sound squad Massive Attack, an artist who gets K&D to work with them gets an extra imprimatur of cool.

There should be the first 'real' CD of the two coming out, but nobody knows when... Almost every important label asked already to get their hands on it, but Kruder & Dorfmeister didn't make a desicion yet. They told in an interview, that they couldn't work under pressure and they want to keep the present situation as long as possible. We'll see...

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